Black Friday Deals 2023 launched

November is always the time for the biggest discounts – the Black Friday Deals for 2023 won`t disappoint you with discounts of up to 90% on many of our products!

Vanguard 2 Skins (work in progress)

An overview of custom designed Vanguard 2 skins (work in progress), which will be available soon... more informations on the release (and maybe new additional skin designs) will follow.

25 Essential Serum Sound Design Tips

The better you get to know this particularly superb-sounding powerhouse of a synthesizer for daily music production – the more you can get out of it and improve your sound design quality.

Top 7 Eurorack Drum Modules for 2022

Modular synthesis got more and more popular during the last years. In this guide about eurorack drum modules we present the perhaps 7 best options for creative drum sound design.

Top 7 Analog Synthesizers for Beginners

It is always a difficult choice for many, which gear and synth fits my needs and helps me advance. So today we’re going to take a look at what are probably the best analog synthesizers for beginners.

Coming soon: D16 Punchbox

A new bass drum synthesizer, created by D16 Group in cooperation with industry-standard sound designers Sound Of Revolution and CFA Sound.