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Top 7 Eurorack Drum Modules for 2022

guide about modular drum modules for eurorack

Modular synthesis and eurorack in general got more and more popular during the last years, and its a great environment for creative drum and percussion sound design. In this guide about eurorack drum modules we present the perhaps 7 best options for creative drum sound design


eurorack drum module for music production

The first recommendation for eurorack drum modules is the BLCK_NOIR from Endorphin. A polyphonic,  modular drum synthesizer with a hybrid core design, based on a classic drum synth from Roland from the 70s, but with a slightly more powerful and raw sound. the BLCK_NOIR has 7 drum voices: bass drum, snare, tambourine, closed and open hi-hats, metal beat and cymbal. at its core, the blck_noir is also more of a hybrid drum synth, based on band-limited digital noise with spectrum animation, injected into analog circuits with full discrete analog generation part. As an additional highlight there is also a digital on-board effect processor with drum-oriented 8 effects

More info:
Price: 499 €


modular drum module for eurorack cases

The Mutant Machine from Hexinverter is another recommendation for anyone looking for a more complex drum synthesizer for their eurorack system. Due to its layout, this drum module offers a very wide range of possible sounds, from analog percussion, 909 style kick drums to complex drones. With 2 sound generation areas “Membrane” (main body of the drum sound, created by two analog VCOs) and “Snappy” (for adding more timbre by contributing noisy elements into the mix) the module offers a very clear and “hands-on” workflow, while maintaining a flexible result in sounds.

More info:
Price: ~600 € (not every store still have it in stock sadly)


eurorack version of jomox drum synthesizer

Jomox is known for its strong analog drum machines like the Alpha Base and of course the iconic kickdrum synth MBase 01. With the ModBase 09 MK II, the crisp bass drum sound from Jomox is now also available as an updated eurorack drum module.
Mixing analog VCO, digital noise with up to 499 different combination feeds, FM, decay compression and LFO for modulation, the ModBase 09 can probably produce some of the most powerful kick drums of any drum module in this guide. On the other hand, it will of course be somewhat inferior to some of its competitors in the direction of other percussion sounds.

More info:
Price: 369 €



analog drum synthesizer for eurorack systems

For many eurorack enthusiasts, noise engineering is a well-known manufacturer of first-class modules. With the “Basimilus Iteritas Alter”, Noise Engineering offers an extremely flexible digital drum synthesizer. At its core, this is driven by a six-oscillator additive and FM synthesizer with waveform and harmonic spread, and a noise oscillator. This is rounded off with a waveshaper, which offers even more scope for sound shaping.

Basimilus Iteritas Alter offers you three synthesis forms, which can be selected manually or via control voltage:
– Skin: Additive synthesis algorithm that simulates membrane drum sounds. (like kicks, snares and toms)
– Liquid: Similar to skin (significantly harder in the attack)
– Metal: FM synthesis program that generates atonal and metallic sounds (like cymbals or hi-hats)

More info:
Price: ~380 €


analog drum voice from vermona germany

Vermona is known to many as a very high quality analog synthesizer manufacturer. They have also been offering eurorack modules for a long time, one of which is the TwinCussion. A dual drum module, which is specially designed for percussive sounds with a flexible circuit. Built on two structured oscillator units and an additional noise generator. Both oscillator units can be used independently or together for more complex sounds. With the consistently classic analogue layout, which is kept manageable, the TwinCussion is the best choice for classic analogue percussion sounds.

More info:
Price: 365 €


analog drum synthesizer with sequencer from Moog Music

If some think “Wait a minute, isn’t the DFAM a desktop synthesizer?” well, yes and no. The DFAM can also be built directly into a Eurorack system. Just like the well-known Mother-32 synthesizer.
In addition to the classic two VCO layouts (with additional noise generator), the sound generation of the DFAM also offers the sound of the legendary transistor ladder filter from Moog. In addition, the DFAM also offers an 8-step sequencer and an integrated 24x patchbay for 3.5mm patch cables. All control elements are directly accessible in a very pleasant layout, which directly invites to patch and explore new sounds.

More info:
Price: 579 €


tube driven drum oscillator by metasonix

This one is quiet special. It’s a combination of tube technology with a high-frequency noise diode, to produce a really raw sound facette for hard kicking snares and cymbal sounds. Probably this kind of sound, which one would expect with the name “Metasonix”.
The noise diode generates white noise, and a vacuum-tube pentode in order to gate the noise on and off. The built-in envelope generator allows adjustment of the attack and decay time for creating more cymbal-like sounds or short noisy trigger percussion sounds.

More info:
Price: 339 € (rarely to find on most dealers)


complete eurorack module system setup

As a bonus tip, Ericasynths offers a variety of eurorack drum modules, all of which are designed for specific types of instruments:
Sample Drum, Bassline, Bass Drum, Snare, Toms, Clap, Hi-Hats D, Cymbals, Modulator, Link, Stereo Mixer, Mixer, Dual FX, Mixer Lite, Dual Drive und Drum Sequencer

Therefore a good alternative to the 7 eurorack drum modules from above, if you want to create a perhaps more custom setup for your own individual needs.

More info:

I hope this little recommendation guide about eurorack drum modules might give some of you new ideas, inspiration and/or at least a pleasant read. Thank you for reading!

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