Custom sound design for your products

Besides the product catalog, CFA-Sound offers custom sound design for developers and sound companies. This includes the sound design of factory patches, patches for expansions, sample content, wavetables, beta testing, consulting, and more. Interested? Get in touch!

serum_cut_cfa_services-150Xfer Serum Synthesizer – Factory Presets
CFA-Sound contributed some presets for Steve Duda`s outstanding Xfer SERUM synthesizer.

references_pre-motumachfive3-150x150MOTU MachFive V3 – Factory Presets
Several factory patches designed by CFA-Sound you will find in the new Motu MachFive sampler & workstation.

references_alchemy-150x150Camel Audio Alchemy – Sound Expansions
CFA-Sound designed sounds for the Alchemy sound-libraries. Currently, you will find CFA-Sound patches in the Cinematic, Dance & Trance, Planet Earth soundbanks, and also in the newest factory version.

references_synthsquad-150x150FXPansion – D-CAM SynthSquad Artist Presets Vol.2
In line with the Artist Presets Vol.2 CFA-Sound designed 32 trance sounds for FX Pansion`s D-CAM SynthSquad synthesizer package.

references_synthmaster-150x150KV331 Synthmaster – Factory Presets
CFA-Sound designed 2 factory banks for Synthmaster 2.0 by KV331. Each bank contains 50 presents, where the first bank focusses on sounds for ambient and chillout, the second for trance.

loopmasters_patchworx05_500-150x150Loopmasters Patchworx 05 – Soundset
CFA-Sound programmed complete soundset, containing 64 presets and 64 additional MIDIs focusing on trance and EDM genres, for Loopmasters Patchworx series.

vengeance-soundVengeance Sound – DiscoveryPro & Wavestation Soundsets
Before founding the sound label CFA-Sound, Cyforce (SEO & Sounddesigner of CFA-Sound) programmed 2 soundsets for Vengeance Sound: Vengeance Discovery Pro Vol.2 & Vengeance Digital Atmosphere for Korg Wavestation.

sorSounds of Revolution – Revolution Q Soundset
In 2007 Cyforce (SEO & Sounddesigner of CFA-Sound) programmed the “Revolution Q” soundset for Sounds of Revolution.

jp6k-150-150x150Adam Szabo JP6K – Factory Presets
32 sounds by CFA-Sound are included in the Factory of Adam Szabo`s JP6K synthesizer, a detailed emulation of the famous JP8000 supersaw.

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