Besides our core product catalog of soundsets, samples, plugins, and other products for the mainstream market, CFA-Sound also offers custom sound design for plugin developers and sound companies. This includes a wide range of possible tasks:

  • design factory presets
  • creating patches for expansions
  • building samples or multi-samples sets
  • creating wavetables as sound sources for your synthesizer for example

In case you have a need for exactly such things and looking for sound design assistance  – feel free to get in touch via our contact form. or directly via email to info[at]


A short overview of some examples of our custom sound design work for other companies (and in collaboration). Not all can be displayed or listed, through NDA agreements.

kick drum synthesizer plugin vst and audiounit

D16 Punchbox – kick drum generator

The bass drum synthesizer plugin “PunchBox” was drafted and created in a joint cooperation between D16 Group, CFA-Sound and Sounds of Revolution. With a content load of over 1100 samples and more than 800 presets.

factroy presets designed for Xfer Serum

Xfer Serum Synthesizer – Factory Presets

CFA-Sound contributed some presets for Steve Duda`s outstanding Xfer Serum synthesizer. A short demo video of several factory presets you can see and hear on our Youtube channel.

trance patches for sylenth1

Loopmasters Patchworx 05 – Soundset

One of the first soundset within Loopmasters own exclusive “Patchworx” series, containing 64 Sylenth1 presets and 64 additional MIDIs focusing on trance and EDM genres.

Presets for the Artist Collection 2 by CFA-Sound

FXpansion – D-CAM SynthSquad Artist Presets Vol.2

In line with the Artist Presets Vol.2, CFA-Sound designed 32 trance sounds for FXpansion`s D-CAM SynthSquad synthesizer bundle – with patches for Strobe, Cypher, and Fusor.

synthesizer workstation by Motu and UVI

MOTU MachFive V3 – Factory Presets

Several factory patches for MOTU MachFive V3 workstation and sampler plugin. Some of these patches can be also found within some expansions like Biosphere, for the UVI Workstation V2.

synthesizer workstation by Camel Audio now in Apple Logic Pro X

Camel Audio Alchemy – Factory Presets & Sound Expansions

CFA-Sound designed a variety of sounds for the Alchemy`s latest factory library and sound expansions (like “Cinematic”, “Planet Earth”, “Dance & Trance”). The Alchemy samplers/sythesizer workstation is now an included instrument within Apple Logic ProX, after the acquisition of Camel Audio by Apple.

emulation of the famous Roland JP8000 supersaw synthesizer

Adam Szabo JP6K – Factory Presets

32 sounds by CFA-Sound are included in the Factory of Adam Szabo`s JP6K synthesizer, a detailed emulation of the famous JP-8000 supersaw. A short demo of these patches can be found on our Youtube channel.

There is also a regular soundset for JP6K by CFA-Sound available: Experience JP6K

Synthesizer Workstation for VST and AudioUnit

KV331 Synthmaster – Factory Presets

CFA-Sound designed 2 factory banks for the Synthmaster 2.0 synthesizer powerhouse by KV331. Each bank contains 50 presents, where the first bank focuses on sounds for ambient and chillout, the second for trance.

presets for Waldorf Q and Komplexer VSTi

Sounds of Revolution – Revolution Q Soundset

In 2007, shortly before the launch of CFA-Sound as its own sound label, a custom soundset was programmed for Sounds of Revolution (SOR) – “Revolution Q” with 100 presets for Waldorf Q, MicroQ, and Komplexer VSTi synthesizer.

Soundsets created for Vengeance Sound by CFA-Sound

Vengeance Sound – DiscoveryPro & Wavestation Soundsets

As the first footstep into the world of sound design, way before launching the sound label CFA-Sound, 2 custom soundsets were programmed for Vengeance Sound: Vengeance Discovery Pro Vol.2 (64 trance presets for discoDSP DiscoveryPro) & Vengeance Digital Atmosphere for Korg Wavestation (over 100 ambient presets for Korg Wavestation VSTi synthesizer). Both soundsets are not available anymore.