How can i buy CFA-Sound products?
The products are sold via ShareIt which offers high user convenience (various languages, currencies and extended download option). In order to use ShareIt, you need to signup with your email address.

The product i ordered is packed as ZIP file. How can i access the content?
We use the ZIP format as for each product delivery since it offers a high compression rate, thereby decreasing the filesize and download time. Many freeware tools are available all over the internet to open such a file and most OS systems(WindowsXP, Vista, Windows 7, MacOS) are able extract/decompress the content.

Can i used the purchased Sounds, Samples and Plugins in commercial productions?
Absolutely! That’s exactly the purpose they are made for. Every person legally purchasing a CFA-Sound product may use it in any own production – whether commercial or non-commercial. Using illegally obtained files is prohibited and will be legally pursed.

I want to purchase a soundset, but i`m unsure if it will be compatible to my current version of the synthesizer?
No worry, all soundsets have detailed information on their detail pages about, which version of the specific synthesizer is required to use the sounds. In general we recommend, to use always the latest version of your synthesizer.

May i get the MIDI files of your product audio demos?
No. All melodies used are copyrighted either by CFA-Sound or third parties and are for demonstration purposes only.

May my fellow studio/production partner(s) as well use the product i bought from you?
No. Each product is exclusively sold and thereby licensed to the very single person placing the order.

Can i use the free demo sounds and samples in my productions?
Yes, these free demo packages are primary as option to try a small part of the product content, but they are royality free to use in your productions and projects, also for commercial usage.

Do you program custon/single sounds or patches?
No, except in form of factory sound design or similar for companies and plugin developers.

If you have further question, or the F.A.Q. area couldn`t answer your personal question, feel free to directly contact us!

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