Soundsets, u-he ACE

It’s arrived: CableSphere, the third CFA soundset for U-He ACE. This collection of carefully selected sounds includes smooth analog sounds, weird fx, groovy and straight sequences and, as a special: wavetable sounds! No, that’s absolutely right: due to it’s mapping generator ACE can use self-drawn wavetables, giving access to completely new sound facettes.

– contains 64 sounds
– suitable for ambient, edm & minimal
– economic cpu-usage
– sorted in categories

– u-He ACE 1.0 or higher

– Full Package (64 Presets): 16,95 € incl. VAT
– Bundled with CableDance & CableForce (192 Presets): 37,95 € incl. VAT



RW Rekkerd
In short CableSphere is a solid set, but make sure to listen to the audio demo to see if it has the type of sounds you are after. For a more complete array of sounds it might make sense to get the whole Cable series of soundsets instead.

RW Dominik De Leon 102Dominik De Leon
I was just amazed as i heard the demo of the first sound set for the ACE, “Cable Dance”. I got this synth brandnew so this soundset showed me how powerful this crazy thing can be. Never faced so many useful sounds in one set before. Meanwhile I own all the Soundset, “CableDance”, “CableForce” and “CableSphere” and I use them almost daily in my prodcutions. You don’t need anything else to create a cool club track!

RW Sound&Recording 102Sound & Recording Magazine Germany
Die Pads würde ich „typisch modular“ nennen. Wiederum sehr fett und nach vorne arbeitend, aber etwas einfacher zu beherschen als bei CableForce. Die Wavetable-Sounds wirken teils kühl und schneidend, liefern aber Wellenformen, die man von einen solchen Modularsynth nicht unbedingt erwartet hätte. Auch hier also wieder fast nur brauchbares Material ohne Ausschussware.

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