Soundsets, u-he ACE

The second CFA set for ACE – 64 amazing trance sounds for the little cable-monster, hereby demonstrating again why it is the new reference among all vst-synths. Beautiful pluck sounds, outstanding key-synths, alongside with dynamic and massive leadsounds, together with pushing basses and amazing pads. This soundset shows just like the first one how incredible this synth is. This soundsets focuses on trance, house and also hardtrance.

– contains 64 sounds
– suitable for house, trance & hardtrance
– economic cpu-usage
– sorted in categories

– u-He ACE 1.0 or higher

– Full Package (64 Presets): 16,95 € incl. VAT
– Bundled with CableDance & CableSphere (192 Presets): 37,95 € incl. VAT



RW Dominik De Leon 102Dominik De Leon
I was just amazed as i heard the demo of the first sound set for the ACE, “Cable Dance”. I got this synth brandnew so this soundset showed me how powerful this crazy thing can be. Never faced so many useful sounds in one set before. Meanwhile I own all the Soundset, “CableDance”, “CableForce” and “CableSphere” and I use them almost daily in my prodcutions. You don’t need anything else to create a cool club track!

RW Sound&Recording 102Sound & Recording Magazine Germany
Die Bässe wirken etwas poppiger und voluminöser, die Synthsounds harmonischer als bei CableDance. Das Highlight sind hier die Leads, mit denen man typische fette Hooklines spielen kann. Hier sägen die Oszis, dass es nur so einen Freude ist, und die eingebauten Effekte tun ihr Übriges für jede Menge Hypaa-Hypaa-Sound.