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GRIP – Valve Drive Compressor

Compressor AU VST Plugin

The brandnew GRIP valve drive compressor by CFA-Sound is a powerful dynamic processor, which delivers compression with character! The hybrid design features an accurate emulation of legendary german vintage tubes of the 1960s and a modern VCA compressor workhorse. Together they create a powerful fusion of both worlds – vintage and modern at once.

With the flexible and intuitive design, you can use GRIP as vintage compressor with the warm and rich sound of the valve tube circuit, or without to have a clean-as-possible compressor on your track. Both core elements featuring a mix control, so you can also make use of the famous “New York”/parallel compression. AND it also means, you can use GRIP as pure valve drive effect – to warm up vocals, give drums more egde or basslines way more heat!

Futhermore the valve drive emulation features 2 different taste of drive – Triode aswell as Pentode mode. Triode will enhance the sound in a more musical way by adding even harmonics and that “warmth”, while the Pentode mode will add more odd harmonics and makes the sound more crunchy.


– Compression with character
– Valve drive emulation of german vintage tubes
– Including Triode and Pentode drive mode
– VCA compressor model
– Versatile use by mix control for valve drive and compressor
– Intuitive design and workflow
– 2x oversampling for aliasing-free sound
– CPU friendly
– Formats: AU & VST (32/64 bit)
– Platforms: OSX & Windows



Demo limitations: Silence for 5 seconds every 60 seconds & preset saving disabled.


Windows XP SP2 or later
Intel Core 2 Duo 2GHz / AMD Athlon 64 or equivalent
Screen resolution: 1024×768
VST 32-bit or 64-bit host

OSX 10.6.8 or later
OSX 10.15 Catalina compatible
Core Duo 2GHz
Screen resolution: 1024×768
VST, and AU 32-bit or 64-bit host



Info for MacOS users: For future Mac OSX versions (later than 10.15 Catalina) please try the demo version before purchasing, to be sure the plugin runs without any issues on your system.


RW Computer Music 102Computer Music Magazine UK
GRIP brings together an interesting combination of features, and we particularly like its responsive Compressor. The Valve Drive is a bit trickier to get down with, though, and needs to be handled with care. Nonetheless, this is a good plugin for the price, and one capable of adding plenty of colour. Rating: 8/10 + Value Award!

RW Beat 102Beat Magazine Germany
Ob eine neutrale oder eine charaktervolle Dynamikbearbeitung mit plakativer Sättigung gefragt ist: Dank seines pfiffigen Hybrid-Designs begeistert GRIP als vielseitiger, musikalisch klingender Kompressor, der seine Stärken nicht nur bei der Bearbeitung von Gesang und Instrumentensignalen ausspielt. Auch das Zusammenschweißen von Signalgruppen gelingt überzeugend. Ein Lob verdient zudem die intuitive Bedienoberfläche sowie der günstige Preis des erfreulich Ressourcen-schonenden Plug-ins. Rating: 5/6 + Preistip

blog about music productionIntegraudio
In my opinion, all these features packed into one at the price of 25.17 € net is a steal. If analog hardware or even hardware emulations excite you and you love how analog equipment colors your sound, you won`t regret buying this.

rw producerspot 102ProducerSpot
In a world filled with vintage compressors emulations, this is a breeze of fresh air. It can sound pretty unique while adding lots of character and warmth to your tracks. You can use it on pretty much every track, but, to my taste, I like it a lot on bass guitar and vocals. It can surely add lots of character if you use it in the mix buss, but you gotta be sure that is what you want and that it suits the song you are working on. If you are looking for something new and different with lots of character, you should definitely try this compressor! I know I’ll be using it a lot, and it might just be my to-go compressor along with the LA-2A for bass and vocals.


2016.02.08 – v1.0 Release
2016.02.11 – v1.0b Demo version updated (changed demo limitations)
2016.02.17 – v1.01 Update of the Framework for higher DAW compatibility (to solve rare problems with specific DAW versions)
2020.06.17 – v1.01c Compatibility for MacOS 10.15 Catalina added

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